Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fashion Show Alert!

Heidi Story's fall fashion show is this weekend at the Byrd. Be there and be prepared to find new fall cravings!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wanderings in Carytown

So, a few weeks ago I made it to Carytown for a day of browsing. I had my usual fun checking out the new merchandise in all the shops and found a few surprises along the way. One of my most exciting discoveries were the new jewelry lines at AlterNatives. To be honest, I haven't been in for a while so I don't know how "new" these lines are, but if you're like me, it's definitely worth a stop back in.

I usually think of AlterNatives as having a great selection of the Southwestern-meets-hippie jewelry with lots of sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Always beautiful, but expected. As stated, on my last walk-through, the selection had added pieces from designers. These were new, different, gorgeous.

My favorite designer was Dori Csengeri. This jewelry is hand-embroidered. As the Web site states: "Dori's unique jewelry is entirely hand sewn at her atelier, by experienced embroidery craftswomen, in an ancestral technique of assembly be needlework of silky cotton cords." To put it in laymen's terms, these necklaces and earrings are colorful and feature eye-catching patterns that look exotic and one-of-a-kind. You'll see Asian, Turkish, European and Indian influences all in each piece. Think of a chunky neckpiece (necklace can't begin to describe it) with an intricate design in lilac, lime green and moss green accentuated with matching beads and semi-precious stones. Each piece elegantly combines colors and textures for a totally original look. Faceted shiny and rounded earthier stones also mix together in many pieces.

The items looked a little pricey, but once you see the jewelry you'll understand why. It's totally worth it for a necklace everyone will covet when they see it.