Thursday, April 2, 2009

The White Dog's Whiskey Bread Pudding

So, I’ve lived in Richmond for about 7 years now and had always been intrigued by the White Dog, although I’d never stopped in. About two weeks ago, I finally had the opportunity to try it with a group of friends. My meal was pretty good. I got the Black Angus New York strip with roasted garlic glaze, which was cooked perfectly and tasted great with the accompanying mashed potatoes and spicy collard greens. I also tried a bite of my friends’ positively mouthwatering wilted spinach with walnut-and-brown-sugar-crusted chevre topped with bacon vinaigrette. I mean, bacon vinaigrette makes anything better, especially a sweet-savory goat cheese and spinach combo.

While the meal was all good, the true star of the night was the creamy bread pudding topped with whisky hard sauce and hot caramel glaze. I didn’t even order it: a friend did and generously offered me a few bites. After a taste, I couldn’t put the spoon down. The pudding itself was perfectly cooked and it was topped with the just the right amount of gooey, sweet sauce and glaze. The dish was finished with a crunchy piece of brittle that perfectly contrasted the softness of the pudding. This was a dynamite combo, and I can certainly understand why it’s a standard on the White Dog’s menu. I’ll certainly return for it again.

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RVA Foodie said...

You are killing me. I went drinking at the White Dog a while back and none of my friends would split that dessert with me, so I didn't order it. Sounds like I would have eaten it all by myself. BTW, they've got a good discount in the hour before closing the kitchen. I wrote about here: