Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Apricot Whip Moisturizer

Okay, so I admit it, when it comes to skincare, I'm all about packaging and scents. Yes, I want it to make my skin look good, but if it doesn't smell nice or it's in an unattractive bottle, I'll most likely buy the next new bells-and-whistles pretty product I see.

During a recent facial at Metamorphosis, my esthetician put Eminence Apricot Whip Moisturizer on my face. I was immediately captivated by the delicious peachy, aprictoy scent. My face smelled so good I wanted to lick it. Plus, how cute is the name? Simple, but with a delicious ring.
I have combination skin, so I need something that will moisturize my super-dry forehead while not over-oiling my T-zone. She said this would do the trick. According to the web site, the moisturizer incorporates apricot juice to revitalize and hydrate; carrot with vitamin A and carotene oils; corn germ oil to enrich and protect; and a Biocomplex antioxidant booster. It's also organic, which according to the folks and Metamorphosis, is better for your skin. So far it feels nice on my face, not too heavy, and I haven't broken out.

Although the package isn't super sleek and modern, I like the clean, simple container that shows the cream's pretty peach color. And, above all, it smells undeniably yummy!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shopping at Short Pump

My friend Emily was in town over the weekend. In girl land, two friends who haven't seen each other for months getting together means shopping time! Every time Emily comes down to visit we head out in search of fun party clothes and new looks. We usually skip the boutiques and hit up fast fashion stores for frugal, fun pieces to update our wardrobes.

On Saturday morning, we headed to Short Pump Town Center. After some yummy salads at Baker's Crust, we headed to Ann Taylor Loft. In search of more fantastic suits I tried on a few, but nothing was super flattering. There was an adorable khaki skirt and jacket (And for me to find anything khaki adorable it must be pretty great. I usually consider khaki to be something that should only be worn by sad waiters. When I went through the waitressing thing in high school, I only applied to establishments where the servers wore black.) but it was only available in like a size 2 and 14. Emily did pick up an slimming sheer sapphire blue button-down top. I made her try it on even though it was a size smaller than her norm. Cute top plus a smaller size...double bonus!

We stopped into H&M and tried on tons and tons of clothes but neither of us came out with much. I absolutely loved a black trapeze dress with chunky black rhinestones along the collar, but I tried on three different sizes and none fit right. I felt like goldie locks goes shopping. Nothing was just right. If you are an H&M fan, however, click the "try it on" icon on their web site. It allows you to make your own model that looks like you and is your size. You can then click outfits to try them on online. Very fun.

I did pick up a beautiful patterned top from Urban Outfitters ($42). I left behind a way cute purple T-shirt dress. It fit but it was so thin I'd have to wear another dress underneath. No thanks. We also stopped in Delia's where I tried on a pair of jeans a size bigger than my norm. They barely made it up to my thighs. The sales girl tried to convince me to try on more pairs. I told her no thanks (thinking in my head that apparently I wear Delia's denim size 20). Emily picked up a sale smoked eyelet dress before we headed for the door.

Emily and I both struck gold at Express where they were having a super-fun sale. $20 off any purchase of $75 or more, no matter what you bought. I scooped up a pink-and-zebra long-sleeve tee ($24.50, it will be sooo cute with a mini denim skirt and flats); a gorgeous dark green silk top with leopard and metallic gold thread ($49.50); a way fun T-shirt dress with rhinestone embellishments that's great alone now and that will be even cuter with skinny black pants or opaque tights this fall ($49.50); and a fun tank with rock-star-esque square studs ($29.99 on sale!). On the way out the door, I had to return to the register for one last impulse buy: an adorable necklace with a strawberry-shaped charm ($19.50). It will be perfect with cocktail dresses and to dress up basic tops. Emily got a super-cute cropped dress with a mod, geometric pattern. Very outside her normal realm of jeans and cotton tops, but super flattering.

All in all, it was a successful shopping day.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Banana Republic's Adorable Autumn Collection

I was on the quest for a new suit. I hadn't stopped into Banana Republic much over the summer since the brief walk-throughs and emails I've been receiving haven't overly impressed me. Despite my skepticism, I decided to head to Stony Point. Over the years, through chubby times and skinny times, Banana Republic basics have always worked. Plus I had a 15 percent off coupon.

This time when I walked into the store, I was pleasantly surprised. The fall line is absolutely gorgeous. Think retro-inspired upscale pieces that mix Jackie O elegance with more tailored, mod styling. I found my suit in the form of a lightweight wool pencil skirt with a matching cropped box-cut jacket with three quarter length sleeves. At $168 for the jacket and $88 for the skirt, it was a little above my usual price range, but I figured the timeless-yet-chic style was worth the splurge. I finished the look off with a beige-and-black short-sleeved shirred top ($68). It added a hint of a pattern without showing up the styling of the suit.

Originally, I planned to seek out some beige pumps to elongate my legs and coordinate with the under top,but a walk through Dillard's revealed no likely options. Instead I wore my Linea Paolo patent leather peep-toe sling backs. At $99.95 from Nordstrom they are one of my best purchases this season. They look great with everything from jeans to cocktail dresses and they're much more comfy than your typical evening shoe.

When I wore my new outfit into work I got plenty of oohs and ahhs. Now I just have to hold out for more coupons before I buy more of Banana's fabulous fall collection.