Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Addicting Dip

So I happened upon Sam's Club on a pre-Super Bowl tasting day. I'm always tempted by fancy dips, spreads, etc. and often have to talk myself out of taking them home. Have you tried the locally made Miss Bonnie's Jalapeno Cheese Spread from Kroger? I can rarely buy that stuff because I love it soo much I can't stop eating it. Spicy cheesy goodness that goes well on everything...

Back to present. Of all the tempting toppers I tried on this Sam's visit, there was one I had to bring home. Upon tasting the Channel Island Bay All Natural Buffalo Blue Cheese Spread, it seemed as though the tub just leapt into my cart. Since it's come home with me, to the dismay of my love handles, it's become my newest eating best friend. I've spread it on turkey sandwiches, spread it on crackers, veggies and toast, and visions of buffalo-blue-cheese chicken salad are dancing in my head. The spread is made with sour cream, maytag blue cheese and hot sauce, and it has the perfect creamy texture with a blue-cheese bite and mildly spicy finish. This stuff is sooo good, but be forewarned: it's addictive! Just writing this post is making feel the need to go grab and another dip.

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