Saturday, February 28, 2009

Va Wine Expo SunTrust Governor's Cup Grand Tasting

I attended this portion of the Va Wine Expo last night and it was a great time. This year the space was much bigger and the wineries were more spread out. I chose to pay the extra money for the Friday event after attending on Saturday afternoon last year and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the crowds. It's never fun to have to push your way in to taste. Last night, the event wasn't at all packed and we rarely had to wait to taste. Plus, there were tasty hors d'oeuvres from chefs around town. The standout hors d'oeuvre was definitely a pork salad served on a crab chip from J. Frank, personal chef to Frances Lewis.

In terms of wine, all the usual players were there with a special pour that wouldn't be available to taste for the rest of the weekend. My favorites including Delfosse, Barboursville and Keswick were there and there were also some great new players. One of my favorite surprises was Mountfair Vineyards. Located in Crozet, this winery only produces reds right now and had three available to taste. All were big, bold blends that were fruit-forward and delicious. I took home the Belated and the Inaugural.

The other standout was Vino Curioso, a winery that doesn't have a tasting room yet, so the opportunity to taste was even more exciting. This Winchester winery has creative labels and wine names with some tasty options. I took home the Franc the Tank Cab Franc and the Sangiovese.

I also have to give props to New Kent Winery. Another new winery only about 30 minutes away, these wines were also delicious. I especially liked both of their Chardonnays, which were light and fruity. Even the Chardonnay Reserve had only a light kiss of oak. This is a welcome alternative to oak-filled California Chardonnays. As soon as it warms up, I'll definitely be planning a trip down to the tasting room with a picnic in tow.

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john witherspoon said...

Hey Megan
Great writeup, thanks for the info! I understand not wanting to push you way up to the tasting bar. I hear that they did better with space management this year compared to last year after feedback on the crowds.